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A desire to find ways of expressing thought, feeling and other abstract ideas, led to the making of paintings with very different approaches. Extending the paint with wax makes it much more translucent, and when applied using only the fingertips enhances the illusion of space. This facilitates building layered fields of colour creating surfaces that ‘speak’ differently as the light changes throughout the day. This ambiguity provided a suitable foundation for making paintings about philosophical subject matter such as ‘Brain Waves’- the process of thinking, pain as in ‘Bodywall’, and relating the energy field within the body to the energy fields in (outer) space as in ‘Internal Galactic’.
The ‘Mapping Memory’ series of paintings explores the notions of place through time. They record from memory a site of particular meaning and relate this to a transcribed map of the time, creating a palimpsest of place, time and significance. The paintings are made using wax and pigment to enhance the illusion of space. This medium is applied to the picture surface with fingertips, to further explore the spatial field.
‘ Mapping the Unknown’ and ‘Unveiled’ use wax and oil paint, but the wax appears on the surface calligraphically as a metaphorical statement, as well as a pictorial device.

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