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On Saturday 4th February 2012 the final Fluviatile installation took place at the Arnolfini Gallery. Lindsey Adams' photographic images of a small Derbyshire brook explore the water’s surface and multiple layers of underwater currents; photographed with an intense scrutiny and painterly sensibility, they are concerned with notions of an underworld. Michelene Wandor wrote Ophelia: the poem, in response to the sequence of images. For this installation at the Arnolfini, a presentation of large-scale projected brook images and readings explored the divisions and intersections between the verbal and the visual, providing a backdrop for multilayered performances and live music; the images and poems were reinterpreted by viola da gamba virtuoso Ibi Aziz, with improvisations by stunning jazz musicians David Wickins and Liam Noble. Underwater sound recordings created additional layers. See images from Site Gallery, Arnolfini and Poetry Library installations here.

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