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Lindsey Adams is an award-winning painter and photographer, who has an established record as an exhibiting artist. Using her inspirational imagery, she has now developed a unique range of light-works and wall-mounted panels suitable for classic and contemporary environments, enhancing large architectural spaces and more intimate interiors alike.


Lindsey's new series of paintings make a return to images about place, memory and time. Her relocation to Chichester from Derbyshire has stimulated a need to redefine responses to these ideas. The paintings reference maps, both imagined and actual.

They are made using wax, creating palimpsests that relate to memory and place.

Lindsey has also been continuing developing paintings about portraits of people in her life, using subject matter that personifies that individual, without using traditionally figurative images of them.

In the latest 'portrait' painting of her late husband, the artist Martin Rogers, Lindsey returns to the ways in which Martin used light in his installations about domestic utensils. The painting plays with the idea of the picture plane, placing the projected light that passes through a colander, behind the picture plane. The projection is on the floor and the floorboards are made to appear more 'present', while the images of light that appear through the holes of the colander, have an etherial presence.