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The expressive medium of charcoal has been used to capture the scale, form and mood of the Wiltshire landscape work. The largest drawing, ‘Mere Down’ - a panorama of 305cm x 76cm, invites you to walk into the vista and was made to create a sense of place and a setting for the other Mere Down images in an exhibition at The South London Art Gallery.

The later drawings, which explore ideas about the immensity and mass of space, touch, mapping boundaries, build up of energy, tension and release, and about ways of seeing, are sometimes made with charcoal alone, or a combination of this with graphite.
Drawings from the 100 ‘Exploring Boundaries’ series were made to push the boundaries of working on a 10.5cm x 20cm card, in addition to expressing energy, tension and release.
Much of this later work was made by drawing with the fingertips, in an almost sculptural attempt to 'feel' the way through the spacial field being explored.

The ‘Blindfold’ and ‘Touch Space’ series of drawings were works made in relation to paintings that explored ways of expressing sensations that cannot be ‘seen’. They use unconventional methods of working that physically layer the experience, as in a palimpsest.

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