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The Saison Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, Festival Hall, Wednesday 2nd March 2011

Lindsey Adams, Fluviatile - Michelene Wandor, Ophelia : the poem

Michelene Wandor read poems from Fluviatile - Ophelia the poem at The Poetry Library. The readings were read to projected images from the book, and interspersed with underwater recordings of a watercourse, which provided the initial inspiration for the multi disciplinary project.

Lindsey Adams' visual images are photographic, but are made with a painter's eye; they have been taken looking through the water surface of a small Derbyshire brook and are concerned with notions of an underworld. The images have provided Michelene Wandor with the inspiration for Ophelia – a poem, which responds to each carefully selected grouping of images.
‘Fluviatile’ is published by RGAP .
To purchase a copy of Fluviatile click here for Cornerhouse Books

Site Gallery - Saturday 5th March 2011

Lindsey Adams, Fluviatile - Micheline Wandor, Ophelia : the poem,
Site Gallery,

Site Gallery celebrated the launch of a collaborative artist's book 'FLUVIATILE', created by artist Lindsey Adams and poet Michelene Wandor.

The project 'Fluviatile' was initiated whilst Adams was in residence at Site in 2000-2001 and developing an ACE digital arts project 'Watershadows'.
This work progressed into an extensive body of photographic work, which in addition to having been shown in lightboxes and as prints, has been made into three books, published by RGAP. The most recent book, 'FLUVIATILE Ophelia : the poem', is structured around sequences of these images which were given to celebrated poet/dramatist/writer Michelene Wandor for her responses, almost as answers to questions posed by the images. Artist and writer, Rebecca Fortnum has written an accompanying essay.

For this event at Site, a presentation of projected images and a reading explored the divisions and intersections between the verbal and the visual, providing a backdrop to multi-layered performances; the images and poems were reinterpreted by viola da gamba virtuoso Ibi Aziz, with subsequent improvisations by stunning jazz musicians David Wickens and Liam Noble. Underwater sound recordings created additional layers.